Dan Reedy is the most-trusted name in real estate in one of the hottest markets in the nation. Customers from down the street, across the country and around the world have turned to Dan for sound advice, exceptional service and unmatched expertise since 2005. No wonder he has bought and sold more than 2,000 houses and is the No. 1 agent in the nation for United Real Estate.

Dan, a Kansas City native, understands the market inside and out, including which areas are overvalued and which offer untapped potential for growth. He started his career in the automotive industry and quickly became the sales leader at each of his dealerships. A friend introduced him to real estate, and he fell in love with the business. He has helped hundreds of investors maximize profits, even through the volatile market of the past decade.

However, the best way to know Dan Reedy is to look past the numbers and see the person. Although countless professionals dropped out as the industry went through a downtown, Dan weathered the storm and took care of his investors. That's why so many have remained loyal, repeat customers for more than a decade. Dan also is passionate about educating new investors through his numerous speaking and media appearances.

Finding someone to help you buy or sell a house in Kansas City is easy. Finding someone who truly is a partner in understanding your goals, making the process simple and working relentlessly to find the best deals is priceless. Contact Dan Reedy today, and start turning your real estate dreams into reality.